I wanna smile! - Inu Etc

I smile,

With tears in my eyes.

I try to heal myself

And try to fix everything,

With a broken heart.

I wanna make you

Laugh every day,

Being hurt,

I'd like to heal you,

With a tight hug.

Again, with tears in my eyes,

Being broken,

Being sad

I wanna see that lost spark in your eyes.

I may cry from inside,

But every time I see you,

I blush and smile...

I don't wanna cry anymore.

I don't wanna use my fake smile anymore.


I wanna smile,

I wanna laugh my heart out.

I wanna laugh so fu**ing hard,

From the bottom of my heart.

I wanna live a beautiful life,

Just you and me,

And our sweet smiles.

No more crying,

No more fighting,

No more broken hearts.

- Inu Etc (April 16, 22)


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