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I’m in love with an imaginary girl - Inu Etc

Yeah, the title is true and I’m absolutely fine! Two years have passed since I suffered my worst heartbreak. My life was really hard during that time. It was the toughest year of my life. I was already depressed, lost, and away from work. Without even working, I was earning a small passive income through and I was okay with it. Prior to the breakup, I founded Zillion Media. I had a team of ten young hustlers. However, I lost my entire team as well. The leader of the team was demotivated, how would they work without the proper guidance? A few months after my breakup, I had a bike accident. For almost a month, I was on bed rest. My best friend was there for me, and my parents supported me throughout my journey. Music and books were there too. The process of moving on took almost two years. However, I don’t hate her, and I don’t hate ‘love’ either. During the past two years, I waited for her, but now I have moved on. Yeah, almost. Trying my best is all I can do. I am alwa