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I’m in love with an imaginary girl - Inu Etc

Yeah, the title is true and I’m absolutely fine!

Two years have passed since I suffered my worst heartbreak.

My life was really hard during that time. It was the toughest year of my life. I was already depressed, lost, and away from work.

Without even working, I was earning a small passive income through and I was okay with it.

Prior to the breakup, I founded Zillion Media. I had a team of ten young hustlers. However, I lost my entire team as well. The leader of the team was demotivated, how would they work without the proper guidance?

A few months after my breakup, I had a bike accident. For almost a month, I was on bed rest.

My best friend was there for me, and my parents supported me throughout my journey. Music and books were there too.

The process of moving on took almost two years. However, I don’t hate her, and I don’t hate ‘love’ either.

During the past two years, I waited for her, but now I have moved on.

Yeah, almost.

Trying my best is all I can do.

I am always trying to move forward. I don’t think about her too much now, but even now I miss her a lot sometimes. It was my first love, my childhood love.

Okay, let’s talk again about the title.

The imaginary girl is all you came for, right?

Recently, I have been thinking about an imaginary girl. My eyes can’t see her completely but she’s cute! She even has a blurry face. In my heart, I know she’s the cutest. Although I haven’t heard her voice, I imagine it would be the sweetest.

Let me give you an overview of how she is!

In my mind, she looks like this:

A blue-frocked 18-year-old girl who wanders around my garden like a butterfly.

I don’t recall talking to her. However, I feel peace when I think about her. The feeling is entirely different from anything I’ve ever experienced before.

This is how I felt when I first fell in love.

But the experience with her is more heavenly, pure, and beautiful. the exact word would be more peaceful.

It just makes me smile when I think about her. I miss her every time I see her ‘flying’ in my garden like a blue butterfly.

However, I never wished to see her, and I never forced my imagination to remove the blur effect from her face. The way I’m with her is all that matters to me; I don’t want to touch her, because I like the way I’m with her. Having her in my life makes my stressful life a little bit brighter, and her innocence brings me a smile every day.

These things are important to me, and I don’t want to spoil them.

The fact that she isn’t true doesn’t matter to me. My imagination created her, and I’m happy with that. She inspires me to move forward, and to write poems and I am writing this article as well.

When I was trying to move on, I always used to ask myself this one question:

Can love happen twice?

Now I have an answer,

Yes, I’m in love with an imaginary girl, she’s the cutest and she flies too, like a butterfly!

Each time I take a break between my work and think about her, I smile, and blush. Even the thought of her sometimes makes me take a break.

Whenever I travel, I think about her as well. I feel the cool air, listen to my favorite playlist and just think about her.

Her identity is unknown to me, and I know she is not real.

In spite of that, she makes my struggling life easier, she makes my every journey easier, she adds smiles to my stressful days, she brings small breaks in between my busy schedules and she brings happiness, innocence, and pure joy into my life.

I’m grateful that I have a cute blue butterfly always flying in my mind with whom I can stay happy, forever.

Because of her, I smile every day.

Why do I think about this imaginary girl?

I’m a writer and we writers are romantic — hopelessly romantic. We overthink and imagine a lot. I still write love poems about my first love, lost love, imaginary love, and future love.

I have been single for almost two years and have never experienced enough love!

Maybe that explains my desire for love and the number of things I imagine in my head.

My faith in love remains strong even after my hardest heartbreak.

I’m still waiting for someone better, who is mature, and with whom I can grow. I want to write her love poems. It would be great to travel around the world with her. Together, we can live a beautiful life.

Let’s see!

Life is a beautiful journey. I will definitely find someone better.

I appreciate you reading this. Feel free to share your thoughts with me!

If you have any questions or if you wanna work with me, feel free to contact me.


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