It's raining here - Inu Etc

It's raining here - Inu Etc

Darkness reigns,
I'm all alone,

This hot big smoke

Is new to me

This is my second week

Away from home!

Every night,

I sit on the balcony.

As I gaze at the sky,

I see stars.

I see the moon.


I saw a shooting star,

While closing my eyes,

I murmured,

"I wanna cry,

I need the rain

I wanna hide my tears

I wanna cry with the rain"


The sky is dark.


I feel it

A breath of fresh, cold air!

And finally,

It's raining here.

And here I'm

Sitting in the rain.


With the rain.


My first love!


Even now,

I miss my Juliet!

Inu Etc (17 June 22, Chandigarh)


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